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To create beautiful coffee it’s about making the right choices. So you have to show some character during the process. We start at the very beginning, with the farmers. Our farmers undergo a rigorous selection procedure. They have to give the best, not only to us and to you but also to nature. Therefore all our beans are grown organically. Important, so we think. Then, only the ripe red beans will be carefully hand picked. Of course this means a lot more work but when it’s left up to machinery, the un-ripened green beans will also be included and it is these beans that destroy the perfect coffee. Quite unacceptable, we are sure you will understand.

Slow roasted

So now we have the perfect beans. You could of course toast them really quickly, but that would harm the full rich aroma. No. We want to get the best out of the best, so we use a slow roast taking 12 whole minutes. With respect. With patience. The beans will be grateful and deliver the best flavour and aroma which is exactly what we want.

Custom made

Having come this far, do you think we could put them in any old run of the mill coffee dispenser with a dull display like so many others do? To us, that would be an insult. That’s why we have created a custom made machine specifically for our bean. With the finest grind, perfectly tuned to the finest beans.

Custom made

A machine that will look great as every great office deserves. Now you have the machine you want and the coffee you want. It will make a difference in every workspace.
That’s guaranteed!

Our coffee

At the end, each cup of coffee will include a tremendous amount of time. Every step is thoroughly thought through to achieve the ultimate quality espresso. Without compromise! You will experience it.
It will make your day. Believe us.

Just perfect

Of course we have a lot more to tell.
Be prepared. Contact us!

The Netherlands
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